a simple idea

a simple idea


As busy professionals we wanted a healthy cracker that we could take anywhere and would go with everything.

From this desire for high quality simplicity, Just Crackers was born.

From simple beginnings…

To begin with, we made our crackers by hand and sold them in local shops across London. As our customer base grew, we needed to expand our baking capacity so we partnered with an artisan bakery who were able to recreate our product. We started selling in delis and garden centres across the UK and internationally. During this period we also won two Great Taste awards.

In 2014, we had a setback when our bakery partner closed down. This happened at a time when our families were also starting to grow, so we took time to reflect on successes and understand where we could improve our product.

With a new perspective focusing on family and versatility, Just Crackers are back with an even better product. For the customer that wants a high-quality cracker suitable for every occasion. A cracker for the whole family that goes just as well with dip as they do with cheese. A healthy cracker that’s high in fibre and low in sugar.

Just the same values

Our product has changed from the first day we packed them into brown paper bags and hand delivered them to the local shop but our values are still the same: simplicity, quality, taste.

Cracker craft

Our crackers are still made in the UK and we are partnered with a lovely Artisan bakery in Scotland, who make our crackers with the same love, care and attention as when we made them ourselves in the kitchen.