Top foodie Christmas gadgets

We all love a gadget. From the ingenious ‘can’t live without it’ to the ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’, everyone has a few. So what lovely gadgets are there available this festive season?

Cake pop maker


Cake pops and cupcakes are the thing to be making right now.  If your baking skills need a little help than look no further than this cake pop maker. Try substituting a little of the flour for wholemeal and some of the sugar for honey, for a healthier treat.

Star-shaped ravioli cutter


Fresh pasta is a real joy. Get in on the act and make your own festive shaped tasty parcels with this star shaped ravioli cutter. It does cookies too and will fit nicely in a stocking for that special someone.

Soup makers


Warming soup is a real winter winner and soup makers are appearing all over the place now. If we are in for an extra cold winter as the weathermen tell us, it could be worth finding a spot on your work surface for one of these. Pack it full of fresh veggies for a nourishing bowl full when you come in from the cold.

Doctor Who TARDIS chocolate mould


One for the sci-fi fan in your life. The flexible silicone makes for easy removal of the chocolates. Try melting some chilli chocolate to use in it for an extra tingle of warmth after the Christmas feast.



The slow cooker revival shows no sign of abating and for good reason. So practical and retaining more of the vitamins than simmering a stew or casserole, they really do make life easy. Put in the ingredients before going out for the day, leave it on low and you’ll come home to a warm dinner waiting for you, and a house full of lovely cooking smells.

Christmas Jumper Mug


Ok, I’m not totally sure this technically should be classed as a gadget but it’s an ideal stocking filler, sure to raise a smile and in keeping with this year’s trend for the Christmas jumper. It will also keep your drink warmer for longer, not a bad thing on those frosty mornings.

What’s your top gadget? What gadget are you hoping to see in your stocking this year? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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