Beating the 3pm Slump

Sat at work? Tired? Hungry? Trying to talk yourself out of going to the gym? It’s probably 3pm.

Never fear, you don’t need to give in. Here are some top food tips that will get you over the hump.

Have some oats

Not only are oats high in B vitamins, they are a great source of many other nutrients including calcium, magnesium, selenium and manganese. On top of this, oats are a low GI food, meaning that they will help keep your blood sugar stable and release a slow, steady stream of energy.

Try a Pod Energy Smoothie contains passion fruit puree, banana, purple grape juice, organic muesli & organic soya milk. Add Guarana for an extra boost!


Have some chocolate

Amongst the many reported health benefits of chocolate (including its ability to lower heart disease risk, prevent wrinkles and boost the mood), the popular treat is also a great pick-me-up snack, which is great news for chocoholics. Chocolate is high in energy-boosting chemicals including theobromine (a stimulant found in many popular energy drinks) and caffeine.

Furthermore, chocolate is a great source of magnesium and chromium, which both play a role in energy production. To boost your energy while protecting your health, try snacking in moderation on dark chocolate, which is lower in saturated fats and higher in antioxidants than the milk or white varieties.


Have some fruit

Fruit is also a good source of natural sugars to boost your energy. Fruit also contains a variety of energy-boosting vitamins and minerals including vitamin C (berries, kiwi fruit and citrus fruits), and B vitamins (bananas and avocado).


Have a green tea

Green tea can help regulate blood sugar levels, preventing energy spikes and crashes that can result in feeling tired. Green tea also generally contains caffeine which can help to give energy levels a boost.

Green Tea

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