Snacking around the world

We like snacking and although we try and keep it healthy the odd sugary treat sometimes sneaks in. But what about our global neighbours? Is the priority health, taste, an energy boost or a comforting treat? Who snacks on what, and how often?

According to The NPD Group, countries that traditionally eat their evening meal later on, say around 8pm, don’t tend to have a late evening snack and will more often have just two between-meal snack times in the day. Many other countries have three main snack times. India bucks the trend with a pre-breakfast snack.

Folks in the US will most often buy their snacks ready-made, whilst in China they’re likely to get them from a restaurant. A third of the snacks consumed between meals in Brazil contain at least some element that is homemade.

Many countries rate fruit as the top choice for between-meal snacking. Although it contains sugar at least it’s the natural sort and there’s all sorts of vitamins and ‘goodies’ in there too. In India, however, cookies and similar are the top treat.

Join us on a mini tour of some of the world’s favourite snacks…

Lots of Asian countries love a crunchy bug to snack on and with their nutritional value and environmentally friendly credentials they could be the next big thing.

via from Lonely Planet's 'How to Land a Jumbo Jet'.
via from Lonely Planet’s ‘How to Land a Jumbo Jet’.

Japanese biscuit sticks available in seemingly endless varieties with coatings of chocolate, banana, chestnut, green tea or ‘Brazilian Pudding’ flavour to name a few. They have a correspondingly massive fanbase.


Americans have smoked jerky and South Africans have dried biltong. In Britain we have pork scratchings which are probably the fattiest of the lot!

A survey by Nielsen found yoghurt appears in top fives of healthy foods all over the world. Calcium rich and even better for you if you choose a low fat version – what’s not to love?

Icelandic for sweets/candy. Icelanders love it and their favourite combo is liquorice and chocolate. Apparently it’s not so bad mixed with caramel too…


What weird, wonderful, unfamiliar, fabulous or downright curious snacks have you come across on your travels? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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