Smarten up your lunchbox

Remember when you were at school, and you’d take pride in your lunchbox? Each term would be a competition to see who had the coolest one, whether it was Rainbow or Barbie or Action Man, we took pride in our lunch. Now as ‘grown ups’ were lucky if it makes its way into a Tupperware.

We’ve been hunting the web for some ideas on how to fancy up your lunchbox and add a bit of zest to the middle of your day

Perhaps you want a more interesting bag than the carrier that you current carry it in. Not On The High has some great ideas for lunch bags They have a range of Eco-friendly, hand printed bags are also

Sturdy and deceptively spacious, these little bags have soft, padded handles that are kind to hands and the insides are lined with hygenic, water resistant laminate making them easy to wipe clean.

Maybe you’re happy with your Tupperware and your biggest problem is that pesky salad dressing making your fresh and crispy salad into a soggy wet mess by the time you come to eat it. Fear not! Lakeland have thought of everything with this Dressing Pot you’ll never have to worry again.

As the summer approaches, a lot of us will struggle to keep our lunch cool on our journey to work. Dot Com Gift Shop has a range of foil lined and fun lunch boxes like this one below starting at just £4.95

Why make things complicated? For the traditional amongst us there’s an answer for you too from Urban Outfitters. It’s the return of the brown paper bag.

Then if course there’s the weekend lunch, when it’s time for sharing and what better than a picnic basket . Check out John Lewis for a range of picnic hampers as well as insulated backpacks. Prices start at around £35, the one below is £55 and has all you need for a two person picnic


Hopefully this has inspired you to reinvent your lunchtime. Enjoy!

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