Make Lunch Great Every Day

Lunch time can be the most exciting or the most disappointing part of the day. If you are lucky enough to be surrounded by a wealth of shops and restaurants then you are unlikely to get board with what’s on offer. If on the other hand you are restricted to the local convenience store or making your own sandwiches, this may not be a time of day you particularly look forward too.

However lunch doesn’t have to be dull if you need to make your own. Neither does it need to be really time consuming to prepare. The key here is to think: What do you enjoy? What will travel well? And what finishing touches can you add once you’re at work that will make your lunch extra tasty.

A good tactic is to keep several lunch essentials at the office for example olive oil and balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and perhaps something a bit spicy like Tabasco sauce.

You will obviously want some lovely fresh ingredients including fruit and veg but also think about longer lasting ones that you can stock up on. Cous cous, tinned fish, pasta, walnuts – Maybe some crackers. You can find some great lunch ideas here.

Planning is the key to having something ready to go. On some evenings you might have loads of time and can cook a piece of chicken and make a great salad. On other days you might be very busy and only have time to throw a few ingredients together. Look at your diary for the week ahead and plan your lunches accordingly. Also look at the weather forecast, if its sunny plan for salads, sandwiches and food you can eat outside. If there is rain due keep a great soup in the fridge. You can even use a food planner like this one.

Lunch time can sometimes feel a bit repetitive but even if you don’t have the best shops and cafes nearby, with a bit of planning you can look forward to lunch every day.

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