Festive snacking

Time for something a little different as the festive period draws close. What seasonal snacking ideas can we think up for our crisp crackers?

Chilli jelly

Very definitely in-vogue now. The jewel-like colours and hint of spice make it perfect for this time of year. Add a sliver of cheese for a heavenly taste.

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If you fancy giving it a go yourself, this is my mother’s recipe, as adapted from her grandmothers crab apple jelly recipe. Share and enjoy!

  1. Take a couple of large cooking apples – or some crabapples if you can get them – chop roughly (skin, core and all), cover with water, bring to boil and simmer to mush – about 20-30 minutes. Strain through a jelly bag.
  2. You will find that you need a lot of chillies to get any effect. It varies according to the variety and ripeness. [Ma’s note: I think I had around two dozen]
  3. Strip out the chilli seeds, cover them with water and boil 15-20 minutes. Strain and reserve the liquid.
  4. Roughly chop the flesh of the chillies and boil it up with some of the apple juice to make it tender (this doesn’t take long) then blend to required texture: this could be smooth jelly, or with shreds in.
  5. Mix the apple juice with the liquid from chilli seeds and chopped flesh.
  6. Add sugar: about 800g per litre of liquid.
  7. Heat slowly until the sugar has dissolved, bring to a rolling boil and boil to set – this takes about 10 minutes.
  8. Decant carefully into sterilized glass jars and seal.  Will keep for several months in the cupboard.  Refrigerate once open.

This is addictive stuff teamed with any of the Just Crackers range!

Pickled walnut chutney

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The spices in this give it a very definite Christmassy taste, being distinctly reminiscent of those in mince pies. We think this is great with the added heat in our Sea Salt & Black Pepper crackers.

Lemon goat-cheese dip

From countryliving.com

Whip up a batch of this easy dip for a quick snacking treat when friends drop round to wish you the best for the season. Super fast to make in a blender – try the yoghurt version for a healthier party snack. (From Country Living)

Cranberry jelly

Just the right side of sweet, cranberry jelly goes well with our Onion and Poppy Seed crackers. We think it must be akin to the flavour combination you get when you have it in the more traditional style, with stuffing.

Smoked Venison Pate

Via waitrose.com

A taste of the season from Waitrose. This smoked venison and venison liver pâté comes topped with a redcurrant and port sauce.  It’s really good with any of our crackers.

Pick up your Just Crackers from  any of our stockists and tell us what festive combos you’re enjoying at the moment: what tastes evoke the time of year for you? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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