That Friday Feeling – dips we like

When I was little I used to really look forward to Friday evenings. I had the whole weekend of playing out to look forward too, Blossom was on the tele and mum had prepared a Friday night snack of toasted pitta, hummus and taramasalata. Life didn’t get much better.

Fast forward 20 years and not much has really changed. That Friday excitement still remains. Blossom is still on the tele… in Big Bang theory (Dr Amy) I know, who knew! There is still the whole weekend to look forward too and there is always a Friday night snack.

Nowadays it may even be better because the choice of dips has improved dramatically and there are plenty more ranges and flavours to choose from. Here are some of our favourites:



If you fancy a change from taramasalata this mackerel dip is full of flavour and very light. Paired with our salt and pepper crackers make a winning combination. Be warned though, once you have one, its difficult to stop!

Lemon and Dill Humous


For a summery picnic dip we love this lemon and dill humous. It’s bursting with taste and goes really well with our onion and poppy seed crackers. Teamed with a glass of white wine make the perfect Friday evening snack.

Sour cream and chive


Finally as the weather is lovely you might be thinking of a Friday BBQ. What better than some cool sour cream and chive dip with crackers to snack on whilst you get your grill going. We like this one from Waitrose, which is not only super fresh but also half fat.

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